Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Battle Report 09/10/2015 - Vessen 409th Vs Chaos Warband

So I had my first outing with the Vessen 409th on Friday, and lets just say it could have gone better . .

The list I was running can be seen here

My opponent, James, was running a mix of Chaos Marines and Daemons, we agreed to keep our lists a surprise until the game. James' list was this:

Chaos Space Marines

Chaos Lord, Bike, Mark of Tzeentch, Sigil of Corruption, Scrolls of Magnus, Powerfist
Chaos Bikers (7), Meltabombs, 2 Plasmaguns
Raptors (5), Combi-melta, 2 Meltaguns
2 X Chaos Marines (7), Flamer, Rhino, Havoc Launcher
Cultists (10), Heavy Stubber, 8 Autoguns
Vindicator, Combi-bolter, Dozer blade
Havocs (5), 3 Missile Launchers

Chaos Daemon Allies:
Herald of Tzeentch, Disc, Mastery Level 2 [Prescience, Flickering Fire, Tzeentch's AP- fireball]
Pink Horrors (12), [Flickering Fire, Tzeentch's AP1 blast]
Screamers (6)

This is the first Battle Report I have ever tried to record, next time I will look to take some more notes during the game to allow for a more comprehensive write up.

Anyway, on to the battle report:

We played Maelstrom Mission number 6, with the diagonal deployment zones. I won the roll of to choose sides and James won the roll of to choose to deploy first, which he did.

Deployment and terrain looked something like this:

I failed to seize the initiative so the Chaos forces advanced!

The above photos show the end of turn one, a very uneventful first turn in terms of casualties, the jink saves saved the Chaos and now i had a Vindicator in range of my lines!! James grabbed a bunch of objectives and I think i may have grabbed 1!

Turn 2 turned out a little better

Screamers inbound!!

Vulture saves the day! 

Exterminator takes out the Vindicator with some crack shooting side armour shots!

At the end of turn two, it was still going badly for the Vessen 409th! I had been charged by the screamers, damn they can move fast! I forgot that they moves 24'' in the shooting phase (he did that turn 1), being jetbikes. The biker and his Lord charged my other Exterminator Russ and blew it up. His Vindicator hit both my Wvyern and Chimera with its blast and then rolled double 1's to penetrate!! I got lucky there! The Exterminator then takes revenge and blows it up!
My Vulture 'Mortis' has always performed well for me, today was no different coming on and almost wiping out the screamers in one go!!

Turn Three
His bikers charged my Veteran squad and that went as expected! Other than that I don't think there as much else died, apart from the Vulture almost wiping out another unit in the Pink Horrors.
Vulture does is thing against the Pink Horrors

We had to end there unfortunately due to running out of time. James absolutely wiped the floor with me in this game, but I learnt a lot. I will post a revised army list with my reasons over the next couple of days.

Final score was:

Chaos: 11 (including First blood, and Line breaker) 
Vessen 409th: 5

Hewkers out

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  1. Thanks for the game. We ran out of time as I took ages to deploy, after being faced with a terrifying wall of armour! However, I figured a calculated rush on one flank would hopefully get me into contact and pin you back from the objectives. The screamers were a star unit.

    I also benefitted from Tzeentch's favour with my dice rolls for cover/armour saves on turn 1. Offset by my atrocious shooting on turn 2. Chaos is fickle!

    Good game and look forward to the rematch.