Tuesday, 27 October 2015


So I've not been able to get much practical hobby time in at the moment.

I have managed to pick up both he Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus Codexes  (Codexi?!) and have been reading through them.
I think they will bring something that my Vessen 409th is missing. 
The Cohort Cybernetica formation from the Cult Mechanicus will give me a very solid counter attack unit being average of toughness 7. Plus the Dominus is able to restore a wound on a 2+ each turn. 
From the Skitarii book I am liking the look of the Vanguard. They are very cheap and their basic weapons, Radium Carbines, with the Rad poisoning causing 2 wounds on a regular wound roll of 6, and with it being assault 3 weapons that is a lot of shots and potentially a lot of wounds even against high toughness units.
I think will be a good for holding objectives. Plus if they do get charged their Rad Saturation rule which makes a unit locked in combat with them -1 toughness will help them hold on to that objective.
Hewkers  out

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