Saturday, 7 November 2015

Game Last Night

Vessen victory!
So yeh, spoiler there!

I played against a friend of mine at the club (SELWG), He asked me if I minded Super Heavies, which I don't.

He normally plays Orks so I was expecting a stompa and went with two lists prepared.  One with my Knight errant to face up against the stompa and one without as if he wasn't bringing one as I figured it might be a little unfair.

Turns out he was using his own Mechanised Imperial Guard Regiment!

His list, from memory:
- Pask in punisher, and with 2 extra Punisher tanks, all with lascannon and Melta sponsons
- CCS in Chimera
- Level 2 Psyker
- 2 units of veterans with triple Melta in Chimeras
- 2 basic veteran squads
- 2 Eradicators in a squadron
- A basilisk and a colossus in a squadron.

My list was this:
- Pask in and exterminator and another exterminator,  both with triple bolter and stubber
- 2 x veterans with missile launcher team in Chimera  with autocannon turret
- my trusty vulture
- Manticore
- Wyvern
- LRBT standard
- Cult Mechanicus Cohort Cybernetica

Now before we get onto the  highlights of the battle, I'd just like to mention the Cohort Cybernetica, my god, what a beast of a unit, majority T7 monstrous creature with a tonne of great special rules, well worth the 700pts. I will be doing a full article about these guys soon.

So on to the highlights of the battle as unfortunately I didn't have time for a full barrel and pictures.

At the end of turn one, not a lot has happened a few hull points off a couple of tanks but no first blood.

Pask on the Hunt

Enemy Armour Spotted 
Turn two, game changing,  he failed to do anything significant, then my vulture came on and got a side shot at his artillery taking out both in one lot of shooting, downside of squadrons there! My MVP in the manticore took out Pask and one if his buddies! and the Cohort got a multi charge off on a Chimera, Veterans and the command Squad. Turn 2 saw me get first blood, warlord and take out his real heavy hitters.

Enemy Artillery

Turn 3, again having lost his artillery and due to some shocking dice rolls he only managed to blow up the wyvern. I then proceeded to roast one of the Veteran Squads with a Chimera Heavy flamer (really rate those over heavy bolter for that exact reason). The vulture wiped another Veteran Squad,  the manticore took out an Eradicator and the LRBT finished off the final punisher, The Cohort had noe finished with the three units it was chewing through and he then called it.

Dead Wyvern

Decisive Victory for the Vessen 409th.

Some final thoughts:
- Manticore - D3 ordnance, barrage, large blast at strength 10, seriously good!  even against vehicles.
- Cohort Cybernetica, so resilient, and you'd hope so for 700÷pts, more testing needed with these guys for sure.
- LRBT Standard is often overlooked, I may consider these more often.
that's all for now.

Hewkers out.

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