Thursday, 17 March 2016

Book Review: Gunheads by Steve Parker

So i have just finished reading this on my way in to work this morning . . .

I have to say i really enjoyed it. A very good read. I found the story rather compelling and it had some great battles that were written in a way that i really could picture the scene in my head.

Its about a Cadian army group sent to recover Yarrick's lost Baneblade so he can use it in the 3rd war of Armageddon. Much of the story focus's around a single tank commander, Sgt Wulfe, and his wider 10th Armoured Company, led by Lieutenant Gossefried Van Droi, and affectionately named Gossefried's Gunheads

It really lets you get a feel for armoured combat in the 40K universe, and if you haven't read it, then i would recommend it.

It has also got me thinking that i need to name my characters and create some stories for them . . . hmm something to think about, Do i name them after the characters in this book? or create my own?

Hewkers out

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