Saturday, 19 March 2016

New board and terrain plans!

So its time to upgrade my scenery I think. . . .

I was in Aldi yesterday and came across these:

Each section is 2x2, and you get 6, along with edges, so these will make a perfect 6x4 board.

Now the plan is for me to be organised and plan out a way I can make them modular with different configurations, easy you may say,  however I want to include a trench system!

My initial thoughts is to have a set of trenches, a small 'no mans land' and then the outskirts of a city, most likely an industrial area.

Im tempted to make my own trenches, but I think for the cost and ease, the Amera plastic kits are great, such as these:

I may even get some of the buildings they have. 

I will be sure to post updates! 

Any comments or suggestions please get in touch. 

Hewkers out.

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