Saturday, 26 March 2016

New board part 1.

I managed to get some time today to make a start on the board. 

I started with one of the 2x2 mats that I talked about in my earlier post.

I had stored up some old polystyrene sheets from things we had bought for the house, and they came in useful today!

So here is where I am at with the first section. There will be a second to match it/join to it. I will then do 2 open/crater sections and 2 industrial ones. I should then be able to mix and match them around for various board set ups.

So on to some pictures, it is at the stage to dry out and then paint is next up!

The rectangle of corrugated card you can see in the photo below is wide enough for 2 leman russ'. Its going to be my artillery trench. . .

I have ordered some of the wooden coffee stirrers, the likes you get in Starbucks, these will be used as trend boards to hold the walls up.

That' it for now, hopefully get some paint on it this weekend.

Hewkers out

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