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Battle Report (01/04/2016) 2000pts - 409th V Dark Angels

The 409th do battle with the Dark Angels!

WARNING: Picture Heavy!

It was a new opponent for me, having never played Dark Angels before and beautifully painted ones at that!

I was up against a Lions Blade Detachment with the Deathwing Auxiliary so an interesting and fluffy force to be facing! 

The game type was Emperors Will - with Vanguard deployment - The Dark Angels got to choose their deployment zone but the 409th deployed first and went first. Night fighting was in effect

Here is what the table and deployment looked like:

Reserves/in transports

So on to the first turn, I was well aware that the DA had 3 units of Terminators coming down next turn so I was cautious not to allow them any great spaces to deep strike behind my lines!

The Tank Commander - Lieutenant 'Deadshot' De Vickers claims first blood!

Not much left of the Chapter masters body guard thanks to the Executioner

At the end of my first turn, this is how it looked.

I went for a lot of board control whilst leaving my artillery to hold my objective.
Green troop in their Taurox began making a move toward the enemy deployment zone, supported by the Exterminator and the Demolisher charging up the centre of the board. I knew the demolisher would draw a lot of fire!

On to the Dark Angels first turn:

Not a lot happened on the DA turn, just the assault marines came out of their hiding place and the chapter master moved to the squad manning the Quad Gun.
Everything that was able too, shot at the demolisher and tried to whittle it down, but to little avail!

On to Turn 2!

Thankfully, my Vulture didn't arrive as I still hadn't managed to knock out that Quad Gun.

Again, I didn't really move too much, just shuffled around for better line of site, including this one:

Bad news for the Tactical squad!

Especially with this many hits - 20!!

Nothing but molten slag left of them!

The Demolisher makes its presence felt!
And 'Deadshot' notches up another armour kill!

I finally managed to take out the quad gun, so the Vulture should have an easier time now!

DA Turn 2 - Deep strike arrivals!

Tried to place them near my objective, but got a horrible scatter and I get to place them due to the Mishap.

So they end up here!

The Executioner is in trouble!

Librarian arrives

On to the shooting!

The snap-shooting dreadnought managed to hit and immobilise the Demolisher, but its still able to fire!

The librarian and his squad wreck Blue Troops Chimera!

Run then shooting, puts the Deathwing right behind 'Deadshot'! Not good!

I definitely got away lucky there!!

Turn 3:

The Vulture arrives:

The vulture comes on to save 'Deadshot'

The Deathwing Knights, left out to dry, and the assault marine still refusing to die and being a nuisance!

A lot of fire, but they are gone, and 'Deadshot' is finally safe!

Blue troop on the other hand . . . . Librarian bearing down on them, although he is without his squad mates who were killed by a danger close shot from the Demolisher!

DA turn 3:

The DA are struggling now to deal with the Armoured might of the 409th.

The last assault marine is determined to take out the Exterminator

The librarian tries to avenge his fallen squad mates, but fails the charge!

The end of turn 3!

Turn 4:
'Deadshot' lines up the Librarian, and takes him out!

The Vultures weight of fire proves too much for the Chapter Master and his Squad and Green Troop make a late charge, and gun down the remaining tactical squad!

DA turn 4 - The DA just shuffle back on to their objective and make a few shots at the Vulture, but for no result.

Here are some shots at the end of the game!

The game ended at the end of turn 4 due to time constraints, and the final score was 5-4 in favour of the 409th!!

We both still held out own objectives, the 409th getting First blood, and Warlord. And the DA getting Linebreaker - which was actually my doing by placing the Deathwing Knights there!!

It was a very very good game, and the DA looked fantastic on the tabletop, and my opponent is a top bloke and a very good sport - I look forward to the re-match!

My MVP is definitely my Pask counts as Lieutenant Stovra 'Deadshot' De Vickers - He killed the rhino (for first blood) The dreadnought, the Razorback, AND the Librarian!! I know everyone raves about Pask in a Punisher, but the Vanquisher is going to be my go to, not to mention it looks damn cool!

Anyway, that's all for now.

Hewkers Out

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