Monday, 18 April 2016

Battle report - 409th v Orks

So the damn Orks . . . .

This game was a rematch against my opponent from this game, it was another 2000pt game, and damn was it good fun!

This time the 409th were up against a massive Ork horde! always fun to play against Orks, and a classic match up, Imperial Guard v Orks, if you ask me - the best match up!

So on to the game, we decided to roll a d6 to determine mission type, 1-3 old style 4-6 maelstrom. Turns out it is going to be old style missions, and big guns never tire! OUCH!! not a good start for me! 4 objectives placed.

The deployment was Vanguard strike, and the 409th were deploying first. But first here are some pictures of the armies:

So on to the deployment:

Luckily the Orks didn't steal the initiative, so the 409th go first!

IG Turn 1:

The view of the oncoming horde!

First shot of the game, Deadshot (my Pask equivalent) blows the warboss' battlewagon sky high! I really do rate Pask in a vanquisher! no matter what the internet says!

The rest of the fire focus' on taking out the boys on my right flank, severely depleting their number

End out IG turn one, our cautious advance . . 

Ork turn 1:

The Ork horde advances!

The Ork turn one consisted of some rapid advancing, and the warboss left his unit of MegaNobs and joined the unit of Burna's in their truk!

IG Turn 2:

I really needed to whittle down the Orks severly on this one, as I knew they would be calling the WAAGGGHHH next turn and that would be lots of charges!!

The executioner really didn't help with this one!

Deadshot (Pask) claims another tank though!!

The right flank has now completely folded! but is this enough?
This was a really poor turn for the IG - damn those Orks are resilient - or was it that the IG were scared?! NEVER!

Ork Turn 2:


(not good for the IG!)

Not looking good for Red Troop!

I think i may have over extended myself with the Hellhound and Demolisher!

The charges are made!

Explosions erupt!

That was a devastating turn for the IG, the Orks have really pulled it back in their favour here!

IG Turn 3:

Only the a few photo's  this turn im afraid - revenge was sweet from Red Troop! causing the boys too flee under a withering fire.

The Ork Warboss who previously wrecked the Demolisher, has now taken fire from pretty much my entire right flank, and is still alive! Poor choices on my part in terms of order of shooting meant that i wasted all my AP2 shots killing his Burna bodyguard and then was left with Autocannons etc to try and take him out! Costly mistake!! Major Viessman will be having works with Cpt De Vickers after the battle i am sure!

Ork Turn 3:

The deafdred trys to make a charge into the Assault Company command squad but fails his charge and looses a hullpoint to a snap firing melta gun!!

The Orks that Red troop caused to flee now rally right next to the obective! (bottom left of picture) DAMN! There is also a sqaud hiding next to the wrecked Hellhound (top of piture) holding another objective!

The Warboss continues his rampage! after the poor show last turn by the IG shooting failed to bring him down!


The Big Mek in his 'Castle' holding an objective

I am holding one objective (bottom right in the ruins)

WOW - what a game! Great fun as it always is playing Orks. I felt pretty bad for my opponent when i one shot exploded his battlewagon, but he overcame this and in true Ork style rushed my lines to claim a solid victory

11-5 in the Orks favour. He held the 2 central objectives and the one is his deployment zone, compared to my one in my deployment zone, and first blood. Also due to the mission type being Big Guns Never Tire he got 2 extra points for killing the Demolisher and Exterminator and i got one for the BattleWagon.

Yes we only played 3 turns, and the outcome may have been different if it had gone on, but we knew this was the case, so that is no excuse. You have to play to the time frames and mission. 

My target priority in the 3rd turn was awful, allowing the Warboss to survive and not focusing on the troops on the objectives.

I really enjoyed playing this army, it is a very fluffy Ork list, but it is still competitive without being cheesy, So well done to my opponent for bringing a great list to play against.

On to mine, I think I have a new 'Standard' list to use. I really enjoyed the 2 formations i was using, and the buffs that the cadian battle group give. With a little practice (AND BETTER TARGET PRIORITY!) I think this can be a really competitive list. I may look to swap the Leman Russ armaments around, maybe include a Punisher? but don't worry 'Deadshot' will be staying in his vanquisher!!

I will look to do a more in depth review of the battle group and formations at a later date.

As always, comments welcome.

Hewkers out


  1. Great looking army, dude. Wish we could get in a game. I've never had the pleasure of going tank on tank with another IG player.

    How well are hellhounds working out for you? I just started using one again and I'm getting very mixed results.

  2. This is the first time I've used them.

    I used them in the assault blade formation.

    Cheers for the kind words as always.

    If you are ever around south East London maybe we could get that game!

  3. This is the first time I've used them.

    I used them in the assault blade formation.

    Cheers for the kind words as always.

    If you are ever around south East London maybe we could get that game!