Thursday, 14 April 2016

Book Review: Rebel Winter by Steve Parker

So another Imperial Guard novel finished . .

I have to say, this, like Gunheads, was a fantastic read.

It follows a company of Vostroyan Firstborn (if you don't know much about these guys I would recommend a quick google). Specifically Captain Sabastev, Commander of the 5th Company. He was promoted in the field by the previous commander on his deathbed, much to the dismay of the upper command. He is not from noble stock like the rest of the officers, he is, however, a great character, stubborn and unrelenting but utterly devoted to his Company.

The story is filled with tension and some good plot moves. The characters were easy to follow and I think it really portrayed the Imperial Guard how i expected them.

It is an emotive read, with plenty of death and heroic sacrifice, again just how i picture the Imperial Guard.

Would definitely recommend this!

Hewkers out

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