Saturday, 9 April 2016

Command Squad - pictures

 So i managed to take some pictures of my newly finished command squad . .

Here is the boss himself:

Major Gregor 'Lucky' Veissman
Company commander

Major Veissman has lead the 409th since their incorporation into the Imperial Guard. He was the natural choice being the most respected and feared leader of the largest hunting party on Vessen Prime. He is a bold and fearless leader who leads from the front with his two trusty pistols. The nickname of 'Lucky' originated from the first campaign the 409th were engaged in. When his Chimera was struck by a shaped anti tank weapon, blowing a hole clean through the drivers compartment, and flipping the tank on its back, he was the first to exit the rear of the vehicle immediately drawing his pistols. What was left of his command squad falling out of the vehicle, dazed, behind him. Veissman was greeted with the sight of one of the biggest Orks he had ever seen. This was clearly the rabbles warboss! The brute charged towards him, Veissman blasting at him with his pistols, to little effect, until the magazine of the chimera's autocannon ignited, sending an armoured plate spinning towards the lumbering Ork, missing Veissman by mere inches, the plate flew through the air chopping the Orks head clean off. Veissman then seized this opportunity felling the rest of the brutes squad and effectively winning the battle single handed.

You may have noticed he is now a Major (rather than Colonel) i think this fits better with him being a Company Commander.

Lieutenant Gene 'Sneaks' Roxto
Adj to Maj Veissman

Roxto has served alongside Veissman since the loss of his first Adj to the Chimera explosion that earned the Major his nickname. During battle Roxto acts as the Major's Vox man and when needed his bannerman. Outside of battle Roxto serves the Major in an administrative capacity. However, unbeknown to any outside the 409th, Roxto has a talent for infiltration and subterfuge. He would have made the perfect elite stormtrooper had he been an orphan of a noble, but an upper class does not exist among the civilians of Vessen Prime. The Major uses Roxto's talents to his advantage and especially when on campaign with other Regiments. The tragic accident that Brigadier Gaap (commander of the 118th Kluwer Rifles) had on the Wolts Campaign is proof of this, this saved the 409th from being used in a suicidal charge against unconquerable opposition and would have meant certain annihilation for the 409th.

Sergeant Alden 'Doc' Kluwer

Lieutenant Janto Xaster
Master of Ordanance 

Troopers Lants and Slomer

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  1. Please, what are all these heads from, I can see Scions and Skitari, but... Vojta

    1. They are all Skitarii headache apart from the master of ordinance which is the scions one