Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Commisar Victor Brax

Here are some photo's of my recently painted Commisar!

First, here is the 'fluff' i have written for him:

Commisar attached to the 409th since their founding, he has a strong relationship with the Colonel, almost bordering on friendship. Since the 409th have been campaigning for such a significant period of time without contact with high command, he seems to have turned a blind eye to some of the 'modifications' and non standard equipment the 409th carry. He has gained the respect from the troopers of the 409th and they follow him like they would one of their own. Therefore executions are sparse and not Brax's usual method of discipline.

On to the pictures:

Still need to base him.

Feel free to comment, but be gentle! never posted close ups of my painting before!

Hewkers out


  1. Nice - I like it. I also like that you've taken the time to write a bit of fluff for him.

    A few things I would suggest:
    Eyes - they can be tricky but they'll really bring the model on a huge amount if you paint them. Thin some white, and paint the eyeball, then using black paint the middle two thirds of the eyeball, so you get just a little white at the corners. Make sure both eyes are centred in the same direction and looking where the gun is pointing, you'll be amazed at the results.
    Plasma pistol - not sure if it's the one that comes with the model, but it looks a little large in the pics, could be perspective. Try and drybrush the plasma coils all the way up to white though, it gives them more contrast and will help the effect.
    The gold edging on the coat could use a little tidying up - thin it a bit with lahmian medium and you'll find it easier to apply. Dont' be afraid to go back and thin the line down with black if it goes on too thick.

    Above all though, this is a really good looking mini, keep up the work!

    1. Thank-you very much for the feedback!
      I have always been a little scared of eyes, will be sure to give it (he has a bionic right eye!) a go though.
      It is the standard pistol that comes with the kit, it doesn't look to big in person.
      I will take your helpful comments on board and have a go . . .