Monday, 2 May 2016

Board update 4

The fourth part of board is another city type section.

This one is a warehouse sector.

I am going to add some blast damage to the warehouse and some details to the inside.

The warehouse itself is not fixed to the board  (for ease of transport) and the rood comes off for use in gaming.

Not sure how I'm going to play this one rules wise. As it's too structural for ruins. But I don't want it to count as a building. So maybe I will just do it all via line if sight?! Will have to have a think about this . . .

Any tips or suggestion welcome

Hewkers out


  1. Hey Hewkers, lurking here for a short while after finding your blog.
    If I could add my two cents mabey DO count it as a building. It seems to be a big warehouse so could probably withstand getting hit by artillery. But if you don't want to go that way then line of sight and making it impassable may be the way to go.

    1. Hello, thanks for the comment.
      In that case I think a medium building would work. How would you work it rules wise then? If you don't mind me asking your advice.
      Hewkers out.

    2. Maybe just use the rules from the rule book?
      I have found that if you (and I mean people in general) add to many rules to things, it slows down the game.
      I would add some simple rules for fire points, maybe something fun that the warehouse was used for previously. Something along those lines.

    3. That sounds like a great idea, keep it simple and all that. I like the idea of some simple special rules based on its previous use . .. .