Friday, 6 May 2016

Board update 5

This one is my command centre / comms station.

Again, like the warehouse.  This one is removable for storage and ease of play during games.

I think this one will just be played as a small bunker without battlements in terms of rules.

I may even add some special rules in on occasions, such as this station acts the same way as an officer of the fleet would to whoever is garrisoned in it.

The sixth and final piece is in the making and that is another trench set up to join the first section i made.

Any ways, on to the painting.

Hewkers out


  1. Looking good. Are you going to add some 40k bits to the radio tower?

    1. I've actually completely changed the radio tower now, which i will aim to get shown on here soon. but yes, i plan to add some 40k bits to it