Saturday, 14 May 2016

Book Review: Ice Guard by Steve Lyons

Another of the Guard novels down . .

This one was another one by Steve Lyons, and again i enjoyed it. My commute seems to allow me to rattle through these!

This one was about the Valhallan Ice Warriors. They are fighting on a world against the taint of Chaos, the world is set for Exterminatus by virus bombing as they realise they cannont beat the Chaos scum.

But, before the bombs drop, in 48 hours time, a small band of heroic Ice Warriors are sent into the heart of the enemy to try and rescue an Ecclesiarchy Priest who's lander has crashed behind enemy lines.

The small unit is drawn up from various platoons across the Regiment and lead by the Augmetically adapted Col Steel. Each member is chosen for a specific skill that they have - which is kind of cool if you ask me!!

I wont ruin the story, but its full of treachery, and tough decisions for the guardsmen and Col Steel to make. . .

Definitely one of the better ones of the lot so far . . .

Hewkers out

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