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Tactics: Cadian Battle Group

So I thought id post my thoughts and tactics i have found work on this . . .

I wont go through all the fluff etc that comes in the Cadia book, however there seems to be a lot of it, and honestly, I haven't got through it all yet.

Its a nice book that groups the formations you got in the campaign books v the Orks with the new ones, along with all the Baneblade variants. Its a little shame that some of the FW super heavies like the Macharius aren't covered, but i guess that's as they are in the Imperial Armour books.

Lets look at the Battlegroup itself first, i will review the individual elements in separate posts.

Firstly, you get a set of warlord traits:

Master Orator - Zealot
Dead-Eye -  +2 BS for warlord, +1 for his squad
Artillery  Veteran - Makes him a one use Master of Ordnance
Unflappable Stoicism - No morale tests for loosing 25% to shooting if withing 12'' of warlord (Detachment only)
Above the thundering Guns - Voice of Command or if already has it, can issue another order
Staunch Traditionalist - Friendly Characters from this detachment must issue and accept challenges, and get re-roll to hit and wound

My initial thoughts on these are on the whole they are pretty lack luster, there are some great ones if in the right situation - such as Above The Thundering Guns when running a very infantry orientated list, and also Unflappable Stoicism would work well in those situations.

Now i don't see the initial appeal of Staunch Traditionalist - i mean i like the idea fluff wise, but in game it just seems like a disaster waiting to happen, unless you are running Col Straken . . .

I mean Artillery Veteran could be useful, but the scatter on MoO is huge, (so much so, im tempted to drop mine!)

Overall i think these could have been better, such as effecting orders more or having a special table to roll on if you are running a Tank commander as your Warlord. I think personally I will be sticking to the IG codex or Rulebook ones.

Now on to the relics; and i should make a quick point here, it states that you can mix and match with the IG book ones, so unlike some supplements, you are limited to using one set of 'Relics' which is pretty damn cool!

Celeritas - for 10pts you get a fancy master crafted sword, although its not so fancy being only AP- and S User. It does givs you a 4++ in a challenge (maybe useful if your warlord trait is Staunch Traditionalist) which every time you make a successful save give you an auto hit back with rending even if you are slain by a failed save simultaneously.

Kabes Herald - Now this one is more like it! For 20pts you get a huge buff to your Tank Commander. It lets you choose any (and all as i read it) within 12'' and they are also effected by the Tank Commaders order. Still only one order, but having each squadron within 12'' split fire is awesome. Or letting them all fire and pop smoke . . one of the best relics I've seen.

The Iron Left - Basically a S+2 AP3 fist - for 25pts, a bit steep really! although it isn't unwieldy . .

Standard of the Lost 113th - Now if you are running an Infantry army, then this is the one for you!! Basically its an better Regimental Standard, for 30pts. You get the normal benefits of the Regimental Standard and you can plant the standard! The images this renders in my head are epic, final last stand anyone!? You do this at the start of your movement phase and for the rest of the GAME the unit cannot move, run or charge, however all Cadian units within 18'' get fearless! Now imagine that on an infantry heavy army, all sat on objectives. . ..

Volkovs Cane - A concussive melee weapon that allows any unit within 6'' to pass orders on any roll other than a double 6, pretty good for 10pts, only available to a Company Commander.

Wrath of Cadia - A 5pt pistol that is hilariously fun, and rather useful. it is only S3, and AP- however it has the 'Punitive' rule which always wounds on a 4+ and causes anyone wounded by it to only pass their save on a 4+ even if their save should be better. So that Chaos Terminator lord coming your way on 1 wound, yeh your 2+ save is now reduced to a 4+!!

So there are some pretty neat relics there, personally being a guy who loves his Tanks, Kabes Herald is my go too, although I quite like the idea of Wrath of Cadia, it fits well with my Fluff for Maj Veissman.

Now lets take a look at the Detachment itself:

So it has a restriction of 1+ HQ which is a company command squad or Tank commander and 0-1 Lord Commissar - so i guess if you wanted to you could have an army comprised fully of CCS or Tank Commanders!!

Then with the Core is 0-3 per command and the core choices are the 'Emperors Fist Armoured Company' or 'The Emperors Shield Infantry Company'

Then for each core choice you can 0-3 Auxillary - and this is where all the specialist formations are. My personal favourites are the Emperors Wrath Artillery Company and the Emperors Blade Assault Company.

The benefits that this 'Decurion' style detachment gives you are quite nifty really:

High Command: A Company Commander from the Battlegroup command section can issue an order up to 24'' and can issue 3 of them. Pretty cool if you ask me!

Battle Group Vox Net - When an officer from this detachment issues an order you use 3 dice and discard the highest. making it much easier to pass order, could save some points on your vox casters here. . .

Sharpshooters - re-roll to hit rolls of 1 when firing lasguns or hot shot lasguns - now this is a pretty nifty little rule, imagine that with a blob squad given FRFSRF!

I will just cover the unique Tactical Objectives you get:

Armoured Assault - 1VP if a unit is destroyed by a tank unit
Fix Bayonets - 1VP for successfully making a charge
Strength in unity - 1VP for successfully issuing at least  3 orders, D3 if you successfully issued 6 or more
Hold your Ground  - 1VP if half (rounding up) of your units are in your own deployment zone
Overwhelming numbers - 1VP if you control more objectives than your opponent, D3 if you control 3 more than them
Storm of fire - 1VP for killing a unit in the shooting phase, D3 for 3 units, and D3+3 for 6 or more

These are nice and fluffy, nothing ground breaking though which is actually good to see.

There are a few special missions which i wont go over right now.

So, yeh, overall i think its a nice little detachment with some wicked buffs. There are some issues with this though:
Firstly that is in the points cost of the Core selections, the infantry one is over 1000pts base!! and the Armoured one isn't much better at over 800. So if you are playing smaller points games, IE anything 1500 points or under, you are going to be seriously limited in points.
Secondly, there are no way to include individual units, such as veterans or Valkyries, you are instead stuck with the expensive (but admittedly useful) formations.
I would have liked to have seen an easy way to bolt on extra units, or at least a cheaper, veteran style infantry option in the core.

Well let me know your thoughts.

Hewkers out

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