Monday, 27 June 2016

409th: List idea's for the 8th

The 409th are scheduled for a battle on the 8th July, against a regular opponent of mine . . .

Finally the 409th will hit the tabletop again! This will be a 1750pt battle against either Daemons or black legions, or maybe a combination! who knows what those traitorous chaos worshipers are up to!

I want to use the new bullgryns i have made up, so that means no Cadian battle group detachment, as i don't have enough to run the Ogryn Auxilla.

So i think i will run the following:

Emperors Fist Armoured Company (formation)

Pask in a Vanquisher (Warlord)
Executioner, Plasma sponsons

Punisher, Heavy Bolter sponsons


Exterminator, Heavy Bolter sponsons


Allied Detachment

Chimera, Nork, MoO, Flamer, Vox, Chimera

Bullgryns x 4, Bone'ed with Buckler, Commissar

Veterans, Carapace, Chimera, Flamer, Melta, Vox

Vulture Gunship

Something a little different, but still based around the trusty armoured company!

Let me know what you think. .  . .

Hewkers Out


  1. How is the Commi over the Priest with the Bullgryns? I always take a Priest. Good list though!

    1. I'm going to agree with Cadian Shock, a priest is superior there. Imagine if you fail that Ld9 test and you execute one of your fancy bullgryns. It would suck. With a priest, you will never run and they're even better in melee. Plus, the priest is harder to kill (+2 LoS and +4 Invul. versus +4 LoS and +5 armor) and gives the prayers to boot.

      Otherwise, I like your list and hope to read a battle report afterwards.

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    3. Thanks for the comments guys. I've never used this unit before so can't comment on the commissar. Based on what you are saying though I will be swapping him out for a priest for sure!!
      Thanks for the advice

    4. Here are some of my learnings on them...

      And a follow up

      I always run them with a priest. I am one model away from the formation now too that uses them! Whoop!