Friday, 24 June 2016

I am Alpharius!

So as the mighty Alpharius doesn't have a model, i decided to make my own.

I tried to say true to the fluff and the fact that he is not much larger than a normal marine, and thats why he is able to blend in with his legion and they can take his place when he chooses.

I have gone with his equipment as listed in the red army list book, so he has the plasma blaster, super special xenos spear and the cloak/serpentine armour.

The model is based off of the Calth Terminator Captain. I hacked off his cloak, head, pistol and his entire left arm. I replaced them with some bits i ordered from a bits site from Age of Sigmar range.

I have base coated him silver and he has joined the paint queue.

Here are some photos:

I used the large scenic base from Dynat, as although i wanted the model to be a similar size to most marines, but still wanted him to stand out.

The spear is from the Stormcast eternal, and has been fitted to the Calth Terminator power sword arm

The cloak is two Dark Elves corsair cloaks fused together.

The pistol is 2 of the calth plasma pistols filed together to create his plasma blaster

I decided on a basic head, to fit with the blending in theme.

Let me know what you think!

Hewkers Out


  1. I think that is amazing. I know a guy that converted one from Nagash and another from a Daemon Prince and both were impressive to look at but didn't look like Alpharius because they were so darned BIG.

    1. Thanks! Yes i tried to keep him the same size and use his base to make him stand out!
      He has jumped to the front of the paint queue, so standbye for updates.
      I also aim to get some Alpha Legion painting posts up of the ones i've already painted!