Wednesday, 22 June 2016


I made these a little while ago, and have yet to use them

I have made the two boxes i got into one squad, plus a Nork model.

I plan on running them as a squad of 5, and the Bone'ed has the Maul and Buckler upgrade for a little extra clout!

Check them out:

As always, comments welcome!

Hewkers Out


  1. So I am just wondering why you DE idea to glue the arms. My friend who is an avid guard player just got some sticky tack and tacked on the different options. Pretty easy to do apparently.
    Otherwise they are looking great.
    Will battle damage be done to them?

  2. I will look to do some weathering when they get based yes!
    I thought about magnetizing them, but didn't see myself using the other options much, plus these were built and painted on holiday, so to keep the wife happy hobby tools were limited!!!