Sunday, 3 July 2016

'Hornets' - 409th reinforcements

I took a break from the Alpha Legion to go back to the mighty 409th!

I mentioned to a friend of mine that i was thinking of using the dusty valkyrie i had, and converting up a squad of 10 vets with custom grav chutes to ride in it. He then mentioned a spare set if elysian backpacks he had, and gave them to me for nothing! what a champ!

So i finally got round to using them, and made these 10 vets with triple flamer to ride around in the Valkyrie.

I used the Vanguard heads from the Skitarii set to keep the theme of the 409th going, and i decided to use their weapons too, that way i can use them as shotguns or lasguns. My initial thinking is that i will be using them as shotguns though!

The squad will be designated the hornets, as thats what they remind me of! and i may try and find a cool transfer to put on the Valkyrie to match that theme.

They have now been undercoated and are at the front of the queue for painting, if i can get them done in time, they may get their debut on the 8th!!

Hewkers out


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. You will be seeing them again when I get some paint on them!!

  2. Replies
    1. oh yes!! hoping to get them painted to use in the game on Friday!