Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Weekly progress - # OneHourANight....

Hi, JolliOli here!

One of the things I wanted to get going on this blog was a sort of weekly progress log to keep the hobby mojo flowing. # OneHourANight....

The main project on the horizon being my Solar Auxilia (30k), which I should be getting some WIP up for shortly!
Whilst I get these guys sorted for the painting table I though I'd get up some recent photos of projects over the next few posts.

First up is a Imperial Knight conversion for my Deathwatch/Inquisition.  I love the idea of CyberEagles in Warhammer 40k - Coteaz and Co. sending them out to spy on heretics whatever they may be up to; plotting schemes, deploying forces, showering, etc, etc...  So why not have some TITAN SIZED - a box of LOTR eagles, some chain and a cathedral door (that is the exact recipe for a Deathwatch knight...) and Talon was born. Hopefully you enjoy the pics!


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