Sunday, 23 October 2016

Malifaux battle report

Pyromatt and I had a game of Malifaux on Friday. I am taking part in our clubs 'Shifting Loyalties campaign.

So as it was a 'campaign' game for me, it was a 51SS game, and we were playing a story encounter. The encounter was Theft with me being the attacker, the special terrain was the Arcanist Lab, whcih really suited Pyromatt as he was running a Mei Feng Archanist crew, and it didn't help me at all, stopping all my Neverborn Nephilim from being able to fly.

So on to the table set up, the terrain and board is some i have made myself (I will try and get round to doing a showcase of that), the set up was corner deployment.

Here are the 2 crews, as you can see i don't have a master, I haven't earned one in the campaign yet, Pyromatt is bringing Mei Feng, and therefore cant add her soul stone to the cache, and i get 2 extra to mine, as per the Shifting Loyalties campaign.

I'm not going to give a turn by turn account here, but here are some pictures and some highlights:

This is the deployment (well after first activation's)

Barbarosa is hunting for the first objective:

The rest of the crew hold the centre:

Opposed by most of the Arcanists:

Nekima breaks towards the other objective:

And comes into some trouble!

Nekima just manages to survive with the use of some soulstones, and Mei feng trys to railwalk over to help, this happens:

The Mature then moves and wing buffets the Rail Golumn and Jos away from Nekima:

Nekima finishes off the Rail Golumn, and then Mei Feng gets of the rail walk into the Mature:

Unfortunately, after the Mature activates and then red jokers on the damage flip, Mei Feng is finished off. This severly changed the output of the game.

The Mature is then finished off by the rail worker, however, when Nekima kills of Jos, the nearby Young Nephilim 'Matures' thanks to the true mother upgrade.

In the end the final score was 10-6 in my favour. It was a very close game, and the red joker really saved it for me, otherwise Mei Feng would have run riot through my crew.

Great game Pyromatt, look forward to the re-match!

Hewkers out

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