Thursday, 20 October 2016

New Bloggers

As some new guys have joined me here on JAWs I thought it was only fair to make some introductions.

Hewkers: I thought I’d start with myself . . . been wargaming now, for around 8 years, plus some years in my youth before drink and girls came around. Mainly play 40k currently Imperial Guard and Dark Eldar, just started a feral themed Khorne Deamonkin army, so standby for that. Previous posts on this blog will show I am beginning to paint up a small fledgling 30K Alpha Legion force, this is my ‘slow grow’ project. I’ve also just started Maliaux, so will be posting some updates about that. I have also dabbled in Armada, although I don’t play it all that much.

Mundo: I have been playing war games on and off for about 20 years, since I first discovered 40k 2nd edition. I recently got back into it after having kids, and needing a hobby that didn't involve the pub! My game of choice is Star Wars Armada which I like to play competitively, but I also enjoy X-wing and board games (Game of Thrones, Rebellion, etc.)

Jollyoli: Like most people I got back into the hobby a few years ago after a long hiatus during my youth. I was introduced back into the hobby by Hewkers, seeing his Space Marines awakened the dormant hobbyist inside! I play a good mix of 30k and 40k; with Ultramarines and Orks respectively. My current projects are my 40k Deathwatch and 30k Solar Auxilia, hoping to post up some WIP over the coming weeks/months to get me motivated (my painting speed is otherwise glacial!). Looking forward to getting back into Blood Bowl too – watch this space for some Skaven gutter runners….

Pyromatt: Like the others on here, I got back into the wargaming a few years ago after a long break from playing Epic, Fantasy and Blood Bowl in my teenage years. Having got married I decided I needed a hobby and assumed that this would be cheaper than golf. How wrong I was…
I jumped straight back in with a 40k Salamanders army, and have since branched out into several different flavours of the Emperor’s finest with a Space Wolves army, which is so much fun to use, and an unbuilt Blood Angels force waiting to be put together as the nights start drawing in. My favourite army to use are my Sisters of Battle. Whilst sadly not that competitive in the current “meta” (horrible word), they look awesome on the tabletop and being able to carry round an exclusively metal army appeals to my old school mentality (can a wargaming hipster be a thing? Probably not).

Like Hewkers I have just started playing Malifaux, which I’m really enjoying, and get consistently thrashed by Mundo at Armada.

So now the blog is all changed, let the new posting commence

Hewkers out

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