Monday, 28 November 2016

Alpha Legion v Salamanders Battle report

PyroMatt and I played a game of 30K at the local club this Friday. Salamanders vs Alpha Legion

I will apologies first of all that this is not a full battle report, i got caught up in the excitement of my first ever 30K game, so here are just a few pictures.

So it was 3000pts, straight in at the deep end.

I was running pride of the legion with;
Contemptor Cortus (melta)
Contemptor Cortus (Las)
5 x Larneans
5 x Lighting Claw Terminators
5 x headhunters, heavy bolter
10 x breachers with powerfirst and 2 lascutters
10 x Veterans with 2 combi melta, 2 melta and vexillia (sniper)
5 x Veterans with Combi melta and melta (sniper)
Las heavy support squad
Mult melta heavy support squad.

PyroMatt had (from memory)
5 x Firedrakes
5 x Terminators (TH/SS)
Spartan (proxied by landraider),
Contemptor (melta),
Heavy flamer squad,
10 man tac squad,
10 man tac squad in rhino,
Melta squad in rhino.

We were playing the Dominion mission and the triangular deployment.

Here are some pic's of the deployment, after the sneaky alpha legion had infiltrated.

All hiding out of line of sight of the monstrous fellblade!

The deployment forced PyroMatt to put the fellblade towards the centre rather than the flank as it is such a large model

Firedrakes and Praetor in the Spartan

We 'claim'* the hill

Turn 1 we sneak around the opposite side of the hill to avoid the incoming fire from the fellblade

The firefrakes line up Alpharius for a charge,

and fail thanks to the salamanders -1 to charge distance!

Alpharius then charges them along with dynat and the lighting claw terminators (this combat goes on for most of the game, with alpharius finally being the last one standing unharmed, with everyone else dead!)

Exodus sits atop the hill with the headhunters sniping away

The armoured might advances, and the sicarian is destroyed!

The sabatour arrives and blows up the Contemptor, and then gets 40 (fury of the legion) shots to the back, causing a ridiculous number of wounds (around 24 i think)

Which he promptly saves all of!

The breachers then arrive from outflank, and try and seek vengeance but only kill one, so the Sabatour charges in and kills enought to cause the squad to flee off the board!!

He then promptly gets lascannoned by the fellblade and instant killed!!

I then forgot to take anymore pictures, but the game ended with a 4-2 victory for me.

D3 for warlord and D3 for killing more units, to matts 2 vp for objectives held at the start of his turns.
This is where i made a rookie error in forgetting that only troops or terminators can score, so my infiltrated heavy support teams, and headhunters, although on objectives didnt actually score any points!

Lesson learnt for the rematch tonight!!

MVP for sure is the sabatour!


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  1. Excellent game Hewkers. As my first "proper" game of 30k too the key lesson learned was that I should not be trying to use my guys like regular 40k marines - the Legion specific rules make a big difference to the way they play. The reduced charge ranges of my Salamanders together with their lack of ATSKNF and inability to add my Initiative to Sweeping Advance rolls made me really susceptible to counter-charges, so I really need to make sure I'm up close before I charge and am picking battles carefully. Even a close combat loss of 1 can make a massive difference. Other things to take away were the value of Artificer armour on characters, which helped your squad sergeants tank a huge amount of wounds. As always you made some great tactical decisions, using cover and terrain incredibly effectively to limit the effects of the Fellblade and my AP2 weapons and make my charges even harder to complete. My MVPs were certainly the Firedrakes and I'll be adding a Primus Medicae in there shortly to make them even harder to kill! Disappointments for me were the Contemptor (although he couldn't help being one shotted by your sneaky tactics!) and the Spartan which got too tangled in terrain and wreckage to get any effective Lascannon shots away.