Monday, 7 November 2016

Battle Report - Dark Eldar v Necrons

Hewkers here, I had the semi final for my local league/tournament on Friday.

The Dark Eldar had done well to get this far, but were up against the Necrons . . . . .

So the mission was Kill Points - not a great start for the Dark Eldar! But we persevered.

It was Vanguard deployment, and thankfully it was night fight.

My opponent, Neil, who beat me in the final last year, has consistently been top 2 in the tournament for the last few years, so a formidable opponent.

Here are the 2 deployments:

Neil deployed first, and I castled out of range with the aim to focus on one flank.

I failed to seize and Neil went first, immediately using his Veils of Darkness to teleport his Praetorians into my lines!

The Wraiths also advanced towards my lines. . . .

It was a relatively uneventful turn, no first blood, a few hull points lost for my vehicles, and i managed to whittle down his wraith unit.

I then decided it was time to deal with the wraiths, so charged my Incubi an Archon into them. A few wounds exchanged, but everyone held. . . . 

Turn 2 saw the start of the bloodshed . . . .

The Praetorians finished off the raider, but luckily it didn't explode, a venom managed to get immobilized on the perfectly flat pyramid!!

The raveager was imobilsied by the deepstriking immortals, but luckily is pointing in the right direction!

You can just see my Archon in the background fighting the wraiths . . . 

He wasnt there for long failing his first 2++ and being instant killed!

The Razorwing dumps alot of shots into the destroyers, and along with some venoms takes a few out.

The poor Kabalites get cut down by the wraiths, as the praetorians failed there charge due to some lucky kills by over-watch fire

The ravager and venoms were swiftly destroyed, the ravager was consistent in taking hull points off the bastion

The remaining wraiths, after finishing off the Archon, charge the Heamonculus and his Pain engines.

The scourges arrive and fire on the bastion. Whilst the Heamonculus has finished off the wraiths.

Only to be charged by another unit, and they ended up there for the rest of the game, as everyone was fearless!

My movement had kept the Preatorians, out of the game and they didn't manage to contribute to their full effectiveness.

Linebreaker grab!

The end result was 11-7 to Neil. A fantastic game, and a well deserved win.

Neil has written a more in-depth battle report that can be found here

Good luck in the final!

Hewkers out

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